It’s All in the Colour

A not so wise man once asked his wife, ‘Why are women so obsessed with painting their nails?’ His wife, a bold and creative woman, smiled knowingly and replied, ‘It’s all in the colour!’

The dear woman was so right, it is all about the colour, the right colour, the colour that you are most comfortable wearing and the colour that gives you a burst of confidence as soon as you apply it to your perfectly manicured nails. Different people like different colours and shades, while some like how the bright and lively neon’s sparkle against their pale and fair hands, some just love how bold and seductive reds enhances the appeal of dark and dusky skins. There is a shade for every woman, and one thing about women, even if they don’t know much, they certainly know their shades!

image (1)Are you bold when it comes to experimenting with nail colours? Do you enjoy dipping your nails in the crazy blues, yellows and parrot green? Or do you prefer sticking to the classic, elegant and ladylike shades of nude, brown and fawn?

Do you compliment the seductive goddess inside you with a bold and beautiful red that simply sets off against your dark, dusky beauty? Do you enjoy light and sweet shades like baby pinks, lilacs and light browns, or you would rather express your confidence, vitality and energy with a bright orange, purple or magenta?

All the unique and individually exclusive nail paint addicts, we have a very special treat for each one you!

With our extensively large and rich collection of shades and colours, we will take you on an exciting journey where you will enjoy your old and favourite nail paints with a finer and superior quality, along with discovering new shades and hues from our continuous experimentation and creativity aimed at delighted the nail colour enthusiast inside you!

image (2)From softer, lighter and paler hues of nude, fawn, brown, pink and lilac to the more vibrant, intense dark and excitingly seductive reds, purple, magenta, orange and much more, our excitingly large and impressively huge collection of beautiful, rich and shiny colours will set your heart racing with utter delight. When it comes to nail paint, the colour is what matters the most, not just how beautiful it looks against your skin, but also, how many times do you have to apply it to create a smooth, opaque and perfect finish?

With our rich and intense deep nail colours, you do not have to bother with a second or third coat, the nail colour will envelop your nail like a natural skin in the very first and final coat.

At EVO Cosmetics, our sole aim and goal is to keep our darling customers in style, and with each new season we bring you a whole range of exciting, brand new colours to make sure that you are fully equipped with all the leading and trending hues of the season. From the runways of Milan, and the fashion weeks of Paris, we analyse all the ongoing and changing trends in the fashion and beauty industry to provide you the best and hottest shades of the season.

So, the woman was absolutely right. It’s all in the colour!