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Where To Find EVO?

The G Spot Nail Salon

2500 Summer Street
Studio 3216
Houston TX 77007

Westheimer Nail Salon 

2685 Wilcrest Dr
Houston TX 77042

At EVO Cosmetics, we like to stay connected with our valued customers. We keep interacting with them even years after their first purchase, we do not intend to establish corporate relationships but rather, we want to hold a special place in the life of our cherished clients. Through our constant business innovations, ventures, events and appearances, we provide delightful and entertaining opportunities for them to learn about new beauty concepts, enjoy new products and enjoyable festivities.

We make sure all our clients remain connected with us, through our e-mails and social media activities, we inform you about all our recent and upcoming projects, promotions, deals and new products that will be worth your while, your time and your trust. We have our calendar for the year 2016 nicely planned and lined with fun and exciting events that will provide our clients a unique and amazing platform to discuss their beauty needs, identify new styles and fashions, connect with new people and experiment with new and innovative beauty products.

EVO’s Calendar:

October 2016- Fall Collection Release

November- Feed the Homeless Project

January 15, 2017- EVO turns 1 year Celebration Eventbrite - EVO Cosmetics Turns One Celebration!!!